Saturday, 17 November 2007


I have just been listening to the foals on Jools Holland (not a good host), so i write this as some damon albarn endorsed Algerian shitters do the world music bit that if it was not on the BBC would spell advert breaks, anyway back to the point.

The foals sound so promising, i know the hypes been there for ages but the actual music is wicked and builds up really nicely in this song, the jerky guitars somehow manage to stay genuinely fresh rather than 'Fresh' Indie style which died a death many a next big thing ago. But the foals genuinely sound like a good band, until the vocals kick in, which is where they bring their standard screamin, contrived struggle with the lead singers demons. The last band i saw that i saw that could actually carry it off where iFRussia!, that guy tom pulls it off, many don't (see the automatic for the obvious example). Anyways, i will keep blogging, keep coming back if you like it, tell me if you do.
Foals - Balloons (MP3)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Afrikan Boy

TUKO is back back again, with vague promises of being more devoted, but bound to be broken soon enough. This is a new joint from Nigerian-London rapper Afrikan boy, signed to MIA's label (and featuring on her new album Kala which is probably my favourite album since jeff lewis' City and Eastern songs). I know little about him other than he has got a sense of humour and a sense of riddim. I always see a novelty song as a dangerous way to make a breackthrough, and one quick check on Youtube shows you that this seems to be something of a cult hit with people all over, it uses the one line rhyme flow that is popular with many uk MCs , first brought to my conciousness with Kano, it needs to be taken on with confidence and wit and seems to clobber both categories in an understated format. I think he can ride the dangers and use the hype, see what you think...

Afrikan Boy - Lidll

Friday, 11 May 2007

Bo! MP3 I'm so E3 (SW14)

ah, the catchy grime i have been waiting for, typically boisterous and party friendly tune, from the king of the genre. bow down:: wiley, retired? hell no... glamour

Wiley- Bow E3 (mp3)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The brothers have have worked it out.

big noise from TUKO favourites the chems. This one, which has been doing the rounds on daytime radio is the first single off new album we are the night (June 18th) bound to be big, bringing us sounds of the Klaxons, Willy Mason and on this track Ali Love. The name might sit uncomfortably amongst other names on the album, but it is clearer when you notice that Love's manager dates one of them (Tom i think). Not been that impressed by Ali Love in general, but given the chems, it of course goes off.

The Chemical Brothers (feat. Ali Love) - Do it Again (MP3)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

shoes like a dove

New interpol album Our Love to Admire, July 9, 2007 , get excited, want a preview? get to the one off show, KOKO May 15th, should be off the hook. not generally into the darker side of indie, but with antics and bright lights there are two of my favourite albums, not seen them myself, and think i can't make this show, but get there and from what i hear no dissapointments.
Interpol - The Heinrich Manouveure (MP3)

Friday, 20 April 2007

kiss n horns

In keeping with the frelectro which is dominating TUKO. bust it loud, its got a cinematic trumpet in the back, i could imagine it in a terrible action movie, it would definitely be the highlight of any gun battle.

Surkin - Kiss n horns (vengeance edit) (mp3)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Bloc rockin beats.

Before the grungey, pounding electro sounds that to me typify sebastiAn’s remixes kick in, this sounds like a mylo tune. Then it sort of steps up to the task a bit more, I really like those opening moments, and it comes back a little after drifting with the “kiss you” loop a little too much, reckon its pretty good, its always good to get these remixes which tear up a song, like his rakes remix which, I wasn’t really interested in, but at least its different... NB. Apologies for the absence, I was waiting for a track to blow your socks off.
Bloc Party- I still remember (SebastiAn remix) (mp3)

Friday, 9 March 2007

Beat on the brat

i have previously blogged kissy sell out, here i give you the song i always wanted from two artists. Along with a lot other people i have a soft spot for gwen stefani, and sticking to my guns through the whole yodalling excercise took something strong, and i never quite realised why i didnt hate that song, i think mr sell out must have been in the same vein of thought, with clearer creative vision and, as one hell beatsmith he played around till this came out. i reckon its about the first electro song to get my pulses flowing for a while.

Gwen Stefani - Wind it up (Kissy sell out mix) (MP3)

Monday, 12 February 2007

Keep the beat slamming.

These are disco big guns, they deserve speakers, but they really sound great over anything, download...

Hold up, step up: frresh...... Juiceboxx, genre busting jams from this hot as, modern as outfit. dancing to it has given me blisters. check the old skool keyboards on the one with dre skull, its ill! much more rave than the klaxons (who i like) or shit disco (who i dont), or the rest of them new rave lot. Spank Rocktastic?

Juiceboxx & Dre Skull - Sweat (MP3)

I was expecting a calm one from the trentemoller lot, because usually that is the flow, but this one is a zaptastic groover, you'll be dancing, you'll be dancing, TUKO promise

Sharon Phillips - Want 2 Need 2 (Trentemoller Remix) (MP3)

New spin on an old classic? you know i like the ol' ed banger lot, here is a match up between two of their slicker recruits:

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) (MP3)

NB: The last post is still all good, dont neglect it. blaow::glamour

Some people think we're stupid but we're not.

Just had to put this straight out, an absolute banger, breathing precious energy into the original, which i grew to like, this puts MIA straight back to the sweaty club floors: glamour. Reminds me a little of both fat of the land era Prod and that My Egyptian lover song which surfaced last year.

M.I.A - xr2 (Tigerstyle remix) (MP3)

bitch i might be :: also got some straight talking hip hop which i quite like for the moment in the same way i like the second hip hop post i'll [put up that i got off fluo kids (good blog!) couple a months back ::

Gucci Mane ft Mac Bree - z - Pillz (MP3)
Monseigneur Mike and Nakk - Gangsta Rap au champagne (MP3)

also, worth a listen but not as good as I hoped Ti-ti-timbaland and the Hives match up. Inevitable if you ask me, once pharell started loving them (the hives) there was always going to be a collabo with some kind of US hyper producer.

Timbaland ft. The Hives - Throw it on me (MP3)